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$ 83.96B
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04:01 ETH Top Stories of the Week - 1/27
03:26 Most criminal cryptocurrency is funneled through just 5 exchanges
03:00 Feds Want Sam Bankman-Fried to Stop Contacting Potential Witnesses on Signal - Decrypt
02:53 UNI The Uniswap Dev Team Triumphs in the 'Battle of Titans' Web3 Gaming Tournament
02:48 BTC Bitcoin stays out of fear for 11 straight days as price tips near 24K
02:33 ETH Top 10 Yield Farming Opportunities For Ethereum (2023) - Chain Debrief
01:23 BTC Bitcoin Difficulty Surges 4.68%, Taps New All-Time High; Metric Set to Surpass 40 Trillion – Mining Bitcoin News
01:00 Hive Teaches You The Disciplines To Be Successful In Crypto | PeakD
00:31 BTC Bitcoin price has climbed more than 50% from last year's low - Business News
Sunday 29 January 2023
23:55 MTA FTX owes money to every major tech company, including Google, Meta, Amazon and Apple
23:38 This Week on Crypto Twitter: Binance Faces More Insider Trading Allegations
23:19 MATIC MATIC Trader Turns $80K Into $4 Million as Polygon Ends Month Up 50% - Decrypt
23:10 Market Strategist Warns of 'Blood' on February 1 Ahead of Fed Meeting – Economics Bitcoin News
22:40 This Canadian Man Lost his Life Savings in a Crypto Scam on YouTube
22:18 SCRT Secret Foundation Faces Calls for More Transparency, Return of Funds - Decrypt
22:10 Panama's Supreme Court to rule on cryptocurrency legislation
21:48 ADA ATOM Cardano project creates a sidechain using Cosmos SDK; Here’s what you need to know
21:45 BTC Bitcoin Prices Have Climbed Over 50% Since Bottoming Last Year
20:50 SHIB Shiba Inu Observes Highest Rise In Burn Rate – Is This Normal?
20:41 UK Denies Crypto Companies the US Lets Operate 

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