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Market cap:
$ 989.96B
Volume 24h:
$ 106.44B
BTC dominance:
12:12 Near Protocol Founder: Ukraine Shows How Crypto 'Delivers Help Directly to People' - Decrypt
12:07 BTC Michael Saylor snubs claims he doesn’t use Bitcoin Lightning Network
11:49 MTA Sylvain Saurel’s Newsletter | Substack
11:45 Criminals have laundered $4 billion through DEXs, bridges and coin swaps: Elliptic
11:39 Italy grants regulatory approval to over 70 crypto firms without proper checks
11:28 Nasdaq needs clear regulations to launch crypto exchange VP
11:15 EU Seals Text of Landmark Crypto Law MiCA, Fund Transfer Rules
10:59 BTC Bitcoin's Lightning Network Capacity Crosses 5,000 BTC –
10:58 BTC MEME Bitcoin Holds Steady Above $20,000 as Enthusiasts Rally Around 'Uptober' Meme - Decrypt
10:56 AVA Monthly Report: September 2022 Official Blog
10:47 NEAR NEAR Teams Up with Google Cloud to Accelerate the Growth of Web3
10:39 ETH Fidelity Expands Crypto Suite With Ethereum Index Fund - Blockworks
10:33 Incoming Crypto Regulations in the US Could Be a Green Light for Institutional Investors - BeInCrypto
10:24 BTC Michael Saylor denies Peter Schiff’s allegations of pumping Bitcoin
10:13 Middle East and North Africa are fastest-growing crypto markets: Data
09:50 BTC Millions in Cryptocurrency Vanished as Agents Watched Helplessly
09:49 Mastercard launches crypto fraud-tracking solution - AltFi
09:42 STRONG BTC ETH Top Crypto Analyst Predicts Massive Rally for Ethereum-Based Altcoin, Says Bitcoin Lining Up for Strong Move - The Daily...
09:33 BTC Bitcoin Rising: BTC Pound Volume Skyrockets To All-Time High Amid Currency Turmoil
09:16 BTC Bitcoin price up 6% in week as crypto market climbs back above $1tn

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