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04-10-2022 13:21 04-10 13:21 Solana Faces Criticism Over Failures and Controversies –
04-10-2022 10:56 04-10 10:56 ‘Solana Is Deceptively Designed to Falsely Inflate Usage,’ Alleges Crypto Resear...
03-10-2022 20:53 03-10 20:53 Crypto Researcher Reveals The Dangers of Solana as Network Outages Persist
03-10-2022 20:17 03-10 20:17 Despite Outages, Solana (SOL) Still Has Power To Bring 1,000,000,000 More People...
02-10-2022 22:23 02-10 22:23 How PussyDAO Is Using Solana NFTs to Sell Physical Underwear - Decrypt
02-10-2022 01:26 02-10 01:26 Solana back online after another outage. Here's what happened
30-09-2022 05:03 30-09 05:03 Solana NFT Game Star Atlas Launches Playable Demo on Epic Games Store - Decrypt
29-09-2022 09:59 29-09 09:59 Think your crypto is safe? Sham Google Translate Virus May Effect Your Computer ...
25-09-2022 20:42 25-09 20:42 Crypto Strategist Predicts Big Bounces for Bitcoin and One Ethereum Rival – Here...
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23-09-2022 16:05 23-09 16:05 OpenSea aims to automatically index Solana NFTs
23-09-2022 09:11 23-09 09:11 Solana Network Can Run For An Hour On Less Energy Than Is Required For A Single ...
22-09-2022 14:23 22-09 14:23 Helium Community Approves Crypto Wireless Network's Migration to Solana - Decryp...
22-09-2022 13:30 22-09 13:30 Solana-based transactions hit 100 billion milestone in 2 years
22-09-2022 05:50 22-09 05:50 Helium Ditches Own Blockchain in Favor of Solana After Community Vote
21-09-2022 16:20 21-09 16:20 Solana co-founder says Ethereum has a long way to go in scalability despite Merg...
19-09-2022 14:58 19-09 14:58 Nansen's Solana Quarterly Report - Q2 2022
15-09-2022 17:45 15-09 17:45 ‘Coming To 34 Million Accounts’ - Fidelity’s Rumored Move Can Open Floodgates Of...
14-09-2022 15:24 14-09 15:24 Solana Hackathon: Exodus interviews Alpha League Racing at Stockholm Hacker Hous...
13-09-2022 21:47 13-09 21:47 Attending a Solana Hacker House: Web3 paradise
Description Founded by former Qualcomm, Intel, and Dropbox engineers in late-2017, Solana is a single-chain, proof-of-Stake protocol whose focus is on delivering scalability without sacrificing decentralization or security. Core to Solana's scaling solution is a decentralized clock titled Proof-of-History (PoH), built to solve the problem of time in distributed networks in where there is not a single, trusted, source of time. By using Verifiable Delay Functions, PoH allows each node to locally generate timestamps with SHA256 computations. This eliminates the need for the broadcasts of timestamps accross the network, improving overall network efficiency. Solana’s mission is to support all high-growth and high-frequency blockchain applications, and to democratize the world’s financial systems.
Development status Working product
Hash algorithm Tower BFT
Open source true
Org structure Centralized > Hierarchical
Proof type Delegated Proof of Stake
Started at 2020-04-10T00:00:00Z
Type token
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