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16:23 Canadian Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange Wealthsimple Begins Trading | Bitcoin News
15:32 Yield-Farming.IO – A One-Stop Platform Offering Easy Access to Different Liquidity Pool Pairs | 211bitcoin
15:30 ADA PORTAL A first look at the Cardano Developer Portal
15:13 COMP Deep Dive into Compound (COMP)
13:42 BTC 88,000 Bitcoin options are set to expire this Friday: What does it mean for BTC
13:41 DMG U.S. Department of Energy Grants DMG an Export License
13:23 BTC Nothing Can Stop Bitcoin, Not Even a Generalized Shutdown of the Internet at a Global Level
13:04 NANO Meet Deepa Mardolkar: Chair of the Nano Foundation Advisory Board
12:23 BTC Bitcoin mining company headquartered in Rochester looking to invest $100 million
11:54 TRX Crypto-Clown of the Day: Justin Sun and Tron's 10 Billion Users (TRX) - The Crypto Time
11:36 Investors to increase allocation to crypto assets
11:35 The Crypto Daily – Movers and Shakers – September 23rd, 2020
11:35 Upcoming CoinGeek Live conference to feature expert crypto insiders -
11:34 BTC CEO Says Bitcoin Is Safer After Moving Firm’s Cash to Crypto
11:33 Crypto Is Beating Gold as 2020’s Top Asset So Far
10:29 Are we dumb? Financial illiterates ‘twice as likely to own crypto’
10:28 Richard Ells: Regulation Must Happen for Crypto to Be Taken Seriously | Live Bitcoin News
10:07 Visa, Goldman Sachs and Mick Mulvaney join leading blockchain trade association
10:05 DECOIN
08:51 ETH FEW exposes the defi risks: Leaked screenshots of a Telegram group including some of the most popular Ethereum proponent...
08:29 Combine.Finance - Lowcap DeFi Platform (Advisor from Orn + Dia) Hidden Gem!
07:17 DEXT What is Dextools ($DEXT)?
05:34 BTC MicroStrategy CEO could ‘liquidate $200M in Bitcoin on a Saturday’
02:47 Crypto Is Beating Gold as 2020’s Top Asset So Far
00:29 Solve.Care is Bringing DeFi to Healthcare, To Launch a Governance Token | BTCMANAGER
00:10 BTC Marty Bent on Why Bitcoin and Big Energy Are Unlikely Allies - CoinDesk
Tuesday 22 September 2020
23:38 Welcome to the Zephirex blog
22:34 Crypto exchange Bithumb is reportedly looking for a buyer - The Block
22:25 Federal Banks in the US Can Legally Hold Stablecoins for their Customers
22:25 BTC Craig Wright's Summary Judgment Denied - Billion Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit Heads to Trial | Bitcoin News
22:20 BTC A Bitcoin ETF Finally Bermuda - Decrypt
21:38 CryptoKitties’ Flow Blockchain Could Soon Get a Million New Users - Decrypt
21:20 Server Maintenance Complete! *Final Update*
21:17 Trend and momentum September 22th top cryptos: THETA, XMR, BTC, ETH, BNB - Monethical.
21:16 This Artwork Is Always On Sale
21:15 US Banks Can Now Hold Reserves for Stablecoin Issuers, Says Federal Banking Regulator | News Bitcoin News
20:33 How Distributed Ledger Technology Can Enable Car Manufacturers to Overcome Market Challenges
19:59 DAG Using Multi-dimensional Bonding Curves To Create Stablecoins
19:39 BTC While Bitcoin’s Opponents Are Always Looking for New Attacks, Its Price Continues to Increase
19:33 Negative crypto market sentiment is a bullish sign according to Santiment
19:32 Most yield farmers cannot read smart contracts, survey finds -
19:25 A new Polymarket is coming.
19:02 Stock Market End Game Will Crash Bitcoin
19:00 Top 9 Crypto Research Sites & Tools
18:35 Argentina adds 35% tax on Peso->Dollar conversions
18:04 AVAX EGCC Avalanche, a Revolutionary Consensus Engine and Platform. A Game Changer for Blockchain
17:29 RWD RPL Rocketpool 2.5 Medalla Rolling Beta with 10,000 RPL Reward Pool for Testers!
17:28 BTC Institutional investors plan to buy every Bitcoin price dip, data suggests
17:20 Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken obtains approval to launch a US bank | ZDNet
16:27 RSV Blankos Block Party - Account Reservation for Beta!
15:28 Emblem - Web3 Integration Platform
15:00 ETH BTC Bitcoin-Backed Ethereum Token tBTC Launches—for the Second Time - Decrypt
14:38 Matic becomes first to create PoW based yield farming
14:32 serejandmyself/cryptowiki
14:30 AVAX Avalanche AVAX mainnet launched
14:25 BTC ZRX Ryze Recap 9/22: US Banks Launder 800x More Money than Bitcoin
14:20 ECB Report: Stablecoins Should Not Be Named Stabecoins
14:15 BTC Coin Metrics' State of the Network: Issue 69 - Bitcoin: A Novel Economic Institution 
14:01 US Government Darknet Drug Raids Seize $6.5M in Cash and Crypto - CoinDesk
13:54 COVID Security: A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Nick Percoco – September 25 @ 14:00 UTC | Kraken Blog
13:26 ADA BTC Cardano Scoop: ADA/BTC Flirts with Support as Selling Pressure Increases
13:21 NXS Deep Dive into Nexus Mutual
13:08 Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF - The world's first cryptocurrency ETF finally approved!
13:05 Rising Star just announced its single most important change - making it sustainable for years!
12:47 Indian police begin probe into alleged $270K cryptocurrency exchange scam
12:20 Breaking virtual ground: Blockchain-secured land entices real estate investors
12:08 Crypto & The Communist Manifesto- Part 1 Quotes
12:07 Here We Go Again- Buy the Dip?! Or Wait Longer!?
12:06 BTC Equity Markets Turmoil Could Push Bitcoin Below $10K, Say Analysts - CoinDesk
12:04 BTC Banks Claim BTC Is For Money Laundering, Launder $2tn
12:02 Discussing Mining, Staking, And More With Seth "MineYour.Biz" Estrada
12:01 DeFi Degens should take one moment to look at CryptoArt <3
11:59 How I Am Navigating This Current Market Dip
11:53 Multi-Chain Supported All-in-One DeFi Platform: Obliquity
11:29 PAXG IOTX AMM UNI BUSD LINK mimo - DEX AMM from IoTeX Network is now LIVE --- Assets available now: IOTX, VITA, wETH, BUSD, UNI, PAXG w/ wBTC, LINK,...
10:34 BTC Institutional Investors Say They’ll Buy More Bitcoin: Survey - Decrypt
10:33 US Banks Can Hold Reserves for Stablecoins: Treasury Office - Decrypt
10:26 Yield farmers make 500% returns but most can't read smart contracts
10:18 AVAX AVAX mainnet launches with 700% gains
09:26 BTC Institutional Investors Say They’ll Buy More Bitcoin: Survey - Decrypt
09:21 BTC ETH I can pay my insurance with BTC or ETH, this is interesting
09:13 Brazen Nigerian Crypto Scam Inksnation Still Operational Three Months After Regulator Warning | Featured Bitcoin News
09:10 GAS ETH Ethereum's Top Gas Guzzlers are Ponzi Schemes | Crypto Briefing
08:47 Fireside Chat with the KuCoin Founding Team:
08:44 XSwap Started Yield Farming, The Highest APY Reaches 70,000% | Press release Bitcoin News
08:37 BTC Bitcoin ATMs Surpass 10,100 Worldwide: Expert Shares Industry Outlook | Bitcoin News
08:32 APY.Finance raises $3.6 million in seed funding
08:32 BCH In the BCH transaction, are the miners the middleman?
08:03 MARTK Martkist’s Participation Efforts and Outreach has Been Successful at the BitconF’s 8th Edition
07:37 A new survey found that pension funds and insurance firms anticipate that they will increase their bitcoin and cryptocur...
06:06 AVAX Avalanche Mainnet is Live
05:01 APY.Finance Won a $3.6 Million Investment
04:23 SOVRINTOWN: BLOCKCHAIN 'Protect' your Town's Future Prosperity, Transparently!
03:31 Major Banks Implicated in Money Laundering for the Criminal Elite, and OneCoin Crypto Ponzi
03:20 SOL Solana Podcast #27: Clint Ehrlich, CEO of KRNC, on Proof-of-Balance
02:34 [Audit Report] Unifi Protocol's UP Token - Smart Contract Audit Report
01:23 Half of DeFi Yield Farmers Can't Read Smart Contracts: Survey - Decrypt
Monday 21 September 2020
23:13 US banking regulator authorizes federal banks to hold reserves for stablecoins
23:03 UNI ETH Uniswap Announces 10,000,000 UNI Giveaway!