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17:30 BTC “The Dollar is Dying, Buy Gold, Silver and Bitcoin” Says 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' Author - 7Bitcoins
15:31 Earning interest on cryptocurrency
15:15 BTC Time Favors Bitcoin, and Its Superiority Will Be Obvious for Everyone Sooner or Later
14:45 Binance confirms CoinMarketCap acquisition - The Block
14:15 BTC El dólar estadounidense está muriendo
10:54 BTC LTC Will Bitcoin meet the same fate as Litecoin Halving?
10:10 MartKist: Changing The Face of Online Retail Industry Through Decentralized Marketplace
09:16 Can OLPORTAL’s Decentralized Platform Give Wings to BPOs and Services Industry?
09:14 ZIL Talking Zilliqa, blockchain, and the impact of marketing with Colin Miles
08:31 Why Stablecoins Are Dangerous Crypto Investments When Markets Get Volatile
01:27 DNA Community-based co-funding
00:20 XMR Douglas Tuman for Congress
00:05 RDD Reddcoin Virtual Meetups
Saturday 4 April 2020
21:02 BTC Bitcoin Outperforms Largely Wall Street, and Even Gold Since One Year
18:51 Crypto Fear & Greed Index at 'Fear' for a Record 3 Weeks Now | Finbold
17:10 Class-action lawsuits filed against 11 Bitcoin companies - Decrypt
16:21 Hello, World!
14:00 NMR Numerai (NMR) sets launchpad for 2020 with $1M staked on Erasure Bay » Crypto Gazette
13:15 PSG Star Targeted Again by Crypto Scammers
10:34 BTC Bitcoin has Seen a Major Boost Amid Dollar Crisis
10:12 Aussie crypto exchange awarded coveted ISO 27001 certification
08:34 REN Ren: why I invested in the decentralized custodian
03:09 FDIC announces first bank failure of coronavirus crisis
03:07 It has begun: FDIC announces first bank failure of coronavirus crisis
01:30 BTC Was this shared before?! Cool service I found: transparent BTC lending with 6% no limits - quite different to BlockFi et...
01:22 BTC Bitcoin Pushes Through Key Level That Spurred January Rally
Friday 3 April 2020
22:37 How we recovered over $300K of Bitcoin
22:13 BTC $633 Million Bitcoin Transfer Cost Only 27 Cents | TheCryptoAssociate
18:20 BTC Bitcoin and Coronavirus: Why the “Digital Gold” Debate is Misguided
18:17 BTC 5 Thought Patterns Holding You Back to Buy Bitcoin
17:59 Crypto economy surprisingly resilient to Coronavirus crisis - Decrypt
17:46 BTC Github Freezes Bitcoin Code in Arctic Ice | TheCryptoAssociate
17:39 Binance is Planning on Launching Options Trading
16:41 FCT The parent company of Factom (FCT) is now in liquidation.
12:46 5 Dashboards to monitor and manage DeFi investments
11:20 Venezuelan president gives Petros to doctors fighting coronavirus |
10:16 Top 5 Largest Mergers and acquisitions deals in the cryptocurrency industry
09:42 GNT Clay Golem rises!
09:19 BTC Malicious Bitcoin QR Code Generators Steal $45,000 in March
07:57 Remaining Anonymous: Which Crypto Privacy Solution Works Best?
07:13 Executive Chairman of Ripple Recovers from Coronavirus
Thursday 2 April 2020
23:09 Hodling is bad for you. Here's why.
23:03 FUN FunFair Q2 Update - FunFair
22:59 USDT Contract Address 0xc6cde7c39eb2f0f0095f41570af89efc2c1ea828 | Etherscan
21:21 USDC BAT MIOTA Crypto Rating Council Adds Three New Asset Scores; Updates Two Existing Scores
19:05 BTC Binance to Launch Bitcoin Mining Pool | TheCryptoAssociate
18:39 Announcing the new Bitrefill Balance Cards
18:35 Revolut Standard Users Can Now Use Cryptocurrency Feature
18:06 FCT REQ Factom Faces Liquidation After Investors Refuse Request for More Funding - CoinDesk
17:07 BTC The Decision to Buy Bitcoin Depends on Individual Awareness First and Foremost
16:53 10 of our favourite DeFi apps to use in 2020
16:48 BTC What Is Happening to Money?
16:38 XMR Monero Subtly Gains 100% In Two Weeks | TheCryptoAssociate
16:35 SWYFT Is Revolutionizing the Mobile Payment Ecosystem - swyft network
15:36 CoinGecko: Cryptocurrency Prices & Market Capitalization
15:28 Overledger Network Community Treasury Design Release
15:16 France’s central bank begins testing of digital Euro
15:03 FCT Factom Faces Liquidation After Investors Refuse Request for More Funding - CoinDesk
14:54 Hijacked YouTube Accounts Promote Crypto Scam Using Bill Gates
14:18 Crypto to the Rescue After Khan Academy’s COVID-19 Traffic Surge
13:19 ETH XRP Bank of France Says Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Could Power Central Bank Digital Currencies
13:12 Binance and CoinMarketCap Announce Acquisition to Collectively Make Cryptocurrency More Accessible for Everyone - CoinMa...
13:11 Binance x CoinMarketCap: Joining Forces to Make Crypto More Accessible Worldwide | Binance Blog
13:10 Confirmed: Binance has officially acquired CoinMarketCap - Decrypt
13:06 XLM Coinqvest chooses Stellar for settling cryptocurrency transactions -
12:56 US weekly jobless claims double to 6.6 million
12:48 YouTube continues to ban crypto content; None knows the reason | Invezz
10:57 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Movies
10:09 USDC Coinbase Invested 1.1 million USDC in Uniswap and PoolTogether
09:31 BTC GitHub Archive Program
08:59 How to Become a Cryptocurrency Thought Leader on Twitter
07:59 BTC SWYFT Network: Catering to the Global Demand for a Crypto-based Mobile Payments Ecosystem With an Incentivized Approach ...
07:27 Interview with Thor Chan, CEO of AAX Exchange » The Merkle News
07:05 Japanese Regulations on Crypto ‘Likely to Help the Market to Mature’
06:55 Binance Reveals Visa Crypto Debit Card in Bid to Increase BTC Adaptation
04:27 BTC PH SEC Advisory Against Bitcoin Revolution Scam
03:00 FUN FunFair Launches Japanese Localisation - FunFair
Wednesday 1 April 2020
22:58 Zenon (ZNN) The Network of Momentum
22:57 ZNN Zenon - The Network of Momentum Whitepaper is finally released
21:49 XRP Amended Lawsuit Against Ripple Now Offers Theory That XRP May Not Be a Security - CoinDesk
21:38 ETH Ethereum 2.0 Explained: Sharding / Beacon Chain & The Project That Has Already Solved Those Issues - CR Press
21:36 BTC A Russian Mining Farm Stole $200K a Month in Electricity | TheCryptoAssociate
20:15 It's 2020. Let's stop repeating history.
19:21 Filecoin Is a Security: The Surprising Conculsion From a Rigorous Analysis of the Telegram…
19:12 Deposits on Cryptocurrency Exchanges Take Sharp Hit with BitMEX Worst Effected
18:31 ETH Announcing Ethereum Enklave: Quantum Security for the Ethereum Blockchain
18:21 Best Crypto Conspiracies
17:44 BTC Preppers and Penny Savers Find a Home on Bitcoin App, Fold | Crypto Briefing
17:36 XMR BTC New Evidence Suggests Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Also Created Monero
17:03 ZER BTC With Reserve Requirement for Banks Set to Zero by the Fed, You Need to Think Making Bitcoin Your…
16:34 XRP COVID-19 Victim Loses All of Her XRP | TheCryptoAssociate
16:11 Craig Wright Victorious in Kleiman Case After Signing with Satoshi's Key | Finance Magnates
16:06 20180305 124517~2 GIF | Gfycat
14:46 Apple just killed Local Storage: what that means for Burner Wallets
14:28 BTC XMR Bitcoin Creator Also Founded Monero, New Research Suggests
13:06 Decentralized Mechanical Turk • r/GemsProtocol
12:47 Binance is set to acquire CoinMarketCap, the deal could be worth as much as $400 million - The Block
11:49 BTC Bitcoin outperforms Dow and S&P 500 in first quarter - Decrypt