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Market cap:
$ 1471.08B
Volume 24h:
$ 207.26B
BTC dominance:
10:56 M CHZ Fan Token Platform Chiliz Plans to Splash $50M on Expansion Into US Sports Leagues - CoinDesk
10:50 FUD BTC USDT Tether FUD in the Bitcoin World — What You Need to Know After the NY Attorney General’s Decision
10:36 BTC Arcane Research: Why Bitcoin Is the Perfect Collateral Asset
10:07 A major Chinese bitcoin mining hub is shutting down its cryptocurrency operations
09:52 DOGE Dogecoin Bounds Onto 1,800 ATMs in the US - CoinDesk
09:36 AAVE BTC Top Analyst Predicts Two Altcoins Will Outperform the Rest As Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Recover | The Daily Hodl
09:35 to sponsor Aston Martin's Formula 1 team
09:29 BTC Goldman Sachs Brings Back Bitcoin Trading Desk as the Firm Sees Crypto Market Becoming More Mature – Finance Bitcoin New...
09:13 LTC Grayscale Bought 80% of All Litecoin Mined in February - Decrypt
09:13 XRP Ripple Sends 627,974,493 XRP to Jed McCaleb After Chris Larsen Gets 41 Million from Binance
08:54 F has signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Aston Martin's F1 team, as crypto-mania spreads to motorsports
07:26 F partners with Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team
07:09 ‎We Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast Network: BTC001: Bitcoin Common Misconceptions w/ Robert Breedlove (Bit...
06:41 Must-read explanation about zk-SNARKs by the great Vitalik
06:31 Voyager Digital Reports Fiscal 2021 Second Quarter Results and Provides Business Update
06:27 OK The Node: NFTs Aren't Art? OK, Boomer - CoinDesk
06:16 Coinbase custodies 11% of entire crypto capitalization
06:07 XLM Automated Market Makers and Liquidity Pools on Stellar Network
05:55 BTC Bitcoin Miners Saw Record $1.36B Revenue in February - CoinDesk
05:41 ETH Why Ethereum is (Still) Undervalued (And Going Much Higher)

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