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Market cap:
$ 1249.16B
Volume 24h:
$ 126.97B
BTC dominance:
09:53 FTX's Asset Hole Shrinks to 'Just' $6.8B | CoinMarketCap
09:49 NFT NounsDAO teams up with Atrium on Feature-length NFT film
09:42 Taiwan watchdog FSC to assume authority on crypto regulation
09:41 FDIC Sells Signature Bank's Deposits To Flagstar, Excludes $4 Billion In Crypto
09:38 Ejara, Cameroon's woman-led DeFi Platform Gets Backing From Adaverse to Democratise Finance in Francophone Africa | Tech...
09:23 Fed Likely to Raise Rates Again This Week, Indicate More on the Way |
09:12 BTC ETH Microsoft Adding Bitcoin, Ethereum Wallet To Edge Browser? What Leaked Beta Build Shows By Benzinga
09:08 BTC Bitcoin and Stablecoins Will Bring Crypto Mass Adoption to Africa, Experts Say
09:06 Crypto Wants Its Shine Back
08:52 EOS EOS Network Ventures Commits $20M to Build Dapps and Games on EOS Blockchain
08:23 ETH Lido's TVL surges ahead of Ethereum mainnet upgrade
08:20 Crypto Entrepreneur Bail Package Revised
08:12 ETH BTC Ethereum May Exponentially Outperform Bitcoin in Coming Cycle, According to Macro Guru Raoul Pal - The Daily Hodl
07:46 Taiwan’s Crypto Industry Welcomes Regulatory Announcement
07:44 Taiwan financial regulator says will oversee crypto currencies
07:39 Flagstar Takes Over Signature, Minus Its Crypto Business
07:25 FBI Internet Crime Report Shows Crypto Investment Scams Skyrocketing | CoinMarketCap
07:15 RSV Warren argues Federal Reserve interest rate hikes should stop
07:10 Microsoft Edge web3 crypto wallet images leak
07:04 BTC Bitcoin near 9-month high as bank turmoil sparks rally

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