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Billy Rennekamp Tendermint vs ICF by Citizen Cosmos • A podcast on Anchor

By on September 9, 2020

This time our guest is Billy Rennekamp, the grants manager at Interchain Foundation and the founder of Clovers Network. In this episode we discuss ICF’s functions as a vehicle and its role for the greater Cosmos ecosystem. The DLT project we chat about is Clovers Network. We also talk about citizenship in the (not so) distant future, tattoo machines and blockchain DNA. Billy’s twitter The projects that have been mentioned in this episode: Cosmos | Regen Network | Agora | Lunie | CosmWasm | Althea | Clovers Network  Chain Safe | Gnosis | IXO | Kusama | Argent | Curve Labs | Forte | Peggy Cosmos-ETH bridge

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