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Peng Zhong, Tendermint, management & decentralization by Citizen Cosmos • A podcast on Anchor

By on July 29, 2020

In this episode, we catch up with Peng Zong to discuss the latest changes in the management of Tendermint and his personal views on various topics, such as, challenges of the CEO role, future plans, power abuse, project naming, the board of directors and a (not-so anymore) secret upcoming release. Peng is the newly appointed CEO of Tendermint. Peng’s Twitter The projects and personalities that have been mentioned in this episode:  Lunie | Cosmos SDK | ChainSafe | PolkaDot | Today in Cosmos | The Cosmos website | Claire Hough | Nik Tomino | Aragon Chain | Prism | Near protocol | Avalanch | Dither | Decentralized Cyber twitter

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