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$ 1077.97B
Volume 24h:
$ 35.72B
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20-09-2023 20:08 20-09 20:08 Evmos, Swing, Tashi, Wormhole team up to solve Cosmos liquidity problems
15-09-2023 06:20 15-09 06:20 Lido’s Staked Ether Tokens Can Soon Be Used on Cosmos, IBC Blockchains
14-09-2023 02:32 14-09 02:32 Cosmos Hub upgrades to add liquid staking module
12-09-2023 22:31 12-09 22:31 MetaMask Introduces Support for Bitcoin, Solana and Cosmos Network With New ‘Sna...
12-09-2023 19:16 12-09 19:16 Native USDC Now Available on Noble
06-09-2023 04:34 06-09 04:34 PUBG Creator Krafton to Launch Cosmos-Based Chain to Boost Creator Economy
05-09-2023 09:21 05-09 09:21 Video Game Company Krafton Unveils Cosmos-based Settlement System
04-09-2023 07:34 04-09 07:34 Kava Chain now live on Fireblocks, opening Cosmos DeFi to institutional investor...
02-09-2023 08:29 02-09 08:29 Kava Chain Now Live on Fireblocks, Opening Cosmos DeFi to Institutional Investor...
31-08-2023 12:43 31-08 12:43 Guest Post by FinanceFeeds: Stargate Deploys to Kava Chain Unifying Cosmos-Ether...
30-08-2023 12:46 30-08 12:46 Stargate Deploys to Kava Chain Unifying Cosmos-Ethereum Liquidity
20-08-2023 14:49 20-08 14:49 Cosmos community split on how to deal with ‘accidental’ double-signing on consum...
18-08-2023 16:59 18-08 16:59 Cosmos devoted funds to boost DeFi activity. It scored a token windfall in retur...
18-08-2023 11:53 18-08 11:53 Polkadot vs Cosmos: Neck to neck, but one shows more potential - CryptoSaurus
26-07-2023 17:32 26-07 17:32 Once a Pioneer, Cosmos Blockchain Project Faces 'Existential' Crisis
21-07-2023 22:10 21-07 22:10 Wormhole Foundation New Bridge To Cosmos Ecosystem
19-07-2023 15:47 19-07 15:47 Stride Blockchain Will Move to ATOM-Powered Security Model
18-07-2023 22:24 18-07 22:24 WYND - DEX. Biggest functionality in Cosmos Ecosystem. Full review
07-07-2023 11:09 07-07 11:09 Japan’s largest banks team up to bring stablecoins to Cosmos
03-07-2023 22:32 03-07 22:32 InQubeta disrupts staking; Binance Boosts Polkadot and Cosmos Staking
Description Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint consensus. Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other.
Development status Working product
Hash algorithm Tendermint (BFT)
Open source true
Org structure Semi-centralized
Proof type Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Type coin
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