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$ 2530.36B
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$ 86.27B
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07-06-2024 08:26 07-06 08:26 Bitcoin SV’s Twetch considers open-sourcing after shutdown
05-06-2024 12:20 05-06 12:20 UK tribunal starts hearing $9B BSV delisting case
11-01-2023 19:32 11-01 19:32 Bitcoin SV Drops as Robinhood Ends Support
15-11-2022 17:36 15-11 17:36 BitMEX Research (@BitMEXResearch)
23-10-2022 15:02 23-10 15:02 An Unknown Miner Commands More Than 51% of BSV’s Hashpower, Consecutive Strings ...
21-10-2022 09:11 21-10 09:11 Beware, There Is Only One Bitcoin, It Is BTC. A Miner of the Ersatz BSV Has Take...
17-10-2022 16:13 17-10 16:13 How mining empty blocks hurts the Bitcoin network :: Bitcoin SV
17-10-2022 11:39 17-10 11:39 Craig Wright's BSV chain has been captured by a single miner
12-03-2022 16:01 12-03 16:01 On BSV Scalability
11-02-2022 00:44 11-02 00:44 Famous Futuristic George Gilder Weighs BSV Over BTC at Summit
20-12-2021 12:22 20-12 12:22 Bitcoin Association launches free Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure course ...
09-12-2021 23:38 09-12 23:38 Who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin? Kurt Wuckert 'The Bitcoin ...
23-11-2021 13:35 23-11 13:35 Best Bitcoin SV Wallets |
25-09-2021 13:31 25-09 13:31 BSV Introduces Zero-Hash Mining
14-09-2021 20:53 14-09 20:53 Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin SV (BTC vs BCH vs BSV)
30-08-2021 18:19 30-08 18:19 MNP report finds Bitcoin SV to be the best implementation of the original Bitcoi...
25-08-2021 21:27 25-08 21:27 BSV Overtakes Ethereum Transaction Volume as Crypto Fights Gains Adoption — Unbo...
25-08-2021 14:09 25-08 14:09 Economics of Bitcoin Mining — BTC miners face growing avalanche pressure due to ...
19-08-2021 06:28 19-08 06:28 Bitcoin SV Sets a New Record by Mining a 2GB Block
10-08-2021 18:12 10-08 18:12 Bitcoin Satoshi Vision and the Endless Stream of 51% Attacks
Description Bitcoin SV - is a new coin splitted of Bitcoin Cash blockchain on 15 November 2018. Four fundamental pillars form the basis of Bitcoin SV’s roadmap to create the one blockchain for the world: stability, scalability, security, and safe instant transactions (a.k.a 0-confirmation). The Bitcoin SV project was created at the request of and sponsored by Antiguan-based CoinGeek Mining, with development work initiated by nChain. The project is also owned by the Antiguan-based bComm Association on behalf of the global BCH (SV) community, and the Bitcoin SV code is made available under the open source MIT license.
Development status On-going development
Hash algorithm SHA256
Open source true
Org structure Centralized
Proof type Proof of Work
Type coin
Source code
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