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27-11-2023 13:11 27-11 13:11 The Tezos Art Community Takes Over South Beach During Art Basel - XTZ News
24-11-2023 15:11 24-11 15:11 Project Vigicard, the app to track drug allergies on Tezos
14-11-2023 15:32 14-11 15:32 Tezos Blockchain Powers Decathlon's Innovative Rockrider Geocaching Game
06-11-2023 21:45 06-11 21:45 Leading Auction House Millon to Use Arteïa and Tezos Blockchain to Authenticate ...
01-11-2023 21:55 01-11 21:55 OKCoin Japan Embraces Tezos: Joins as Corporate Baker, Launches XTZ Staking
26-10-2023 11:17 26-10 11:17 Tezos Powers the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C) Decentralized Marketpl...
18-10-2023 12:43 18-10 12:43 Acurast Announces the Launch of Tezos Native Integration, Expanding Beyond Ghost...
17-10-2023 11:03 17-10 11:03 VNX Announces Upcoming Tezos Stablecoin Integration at Luxembourg Blockchain Wee...
12-10-2023 10:57 12-10 10:57 Deloitte Luxembourg becomes Corporate Baker on Tezos
10-10-2023 10:43 10-10 10:43 Tezos Jumps 7% on South Korean Volume Spike, Futures Liquidations - Decrypt
28-09-2023 09:29 28-09 09:29 Fireblocks Extends Full Support for Tezos, Increasing Institutional Access to De...
28-09-2023 07:26 28-09 07:26 Crypto Platform Fireblocks Expands Institutional Access to Tezos - Decrypt
17-09-2023 11:14 17-09 11:14 Tezos Teams Integrate MetaMask into the Tezos Ecosystem through a Custom Snap
08-09-2023 11:53 08-09 11:53 Cordell Broadus and Tezos Foundation Unveil Inaugural Artists for the Champ Medi...
29-08-2023 11:39 29-08 11:39 Tezos Developers Showcase The Ability to Process 1 Million Transactions Per Seco...
25-08-2023 13:03 25-08 13:03 We’re doing 1 million TPS on Tezos! Here’s how
11-08-2023 18:00 11-08 18:00 Oxford: Tezos' 15th protocol upgrade, introduced collaboratively by seven develo...
13-07-2023 14:01 13-07 14:01 Get Protocol Raises $4.5M with Tezos Foundation’s Support, Set to Bring NFT Tick...
11-07-2023 11:23 11-07 11:23 Fraktion – A Brand-new Fractional Real Estate Investment Platform Built On Tezos
05-07-2023 10:18 05-07 10:18 Blockwatch Launches TzPro: A Comprehensive Infrastructure Service for Tezos Deve...
Description Tezos is a new decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. It facilitates formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the correctness of the code governing transactions and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts.
Development status Working product
Hash algorithm LPOS
Open source true
Org structure Semi-centralized
Proof type Liquid Proof of Stake
Started at 2017-07-01T00:00:00Z
Type coin
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