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18-04-2024 20:38 18-04 20:38 Blockchain data-availability protocol Avail announces 600M token airdrop
18-04-2024 02:09 18-04 02:09 Ernst & Young taps ZK-proofs on Ethereum to automate contracts
05-04-2024 08:35 05-04 08:35 Japan's Sony Bank tests yen-backed stablecoin for gaming and sports IP paym...
01-04-2024 03:55 01-04 03:55 Polygon CEO says L3s are taking value away from Ethereum, sparking debate
24-03-2024 04:43 24-03 04:43 Polygon zkEVM down due to issues with blockchain sequencer
19-03-2024 22:00 19-03 22:00 Immutable, Polygon’s new $100M fund to throw cash at Pixelmon, among others
07-03-2024 10:40 07-03 10:40 Ethereum leans into rollup-centric future as Dencun hard fork looms
06-03-2024 00:00 06-03 00:00 Astar Network launches Astar zxEVM on Polygon AggLayer
22-02-2024 10:44 22-02 10:44 Luxury brand blockchain platform Arianee aims for scale, launches L2 on Polygon
20-02-2024 08:31 20-02 08:31 Animoca, Polygon-backed Humanity Protocol launches ZKP-powered palm recognition
20-02-2024 08:08 20-02 08:08 Polygon-based lending platform to provide crypto liquidity for luxury items
07-12-2023 14:03 07-12 14:03 Polygon Accelerates Towards $1 Goal - MATIC Whale's Massive 7.5M Move Shifts the...
30-11-2023 14:22 30-11 14:22 Polygon's Secret Deal: Sending DraftKings Millions to Run Failed Validator
29-11-2023 18:26 29-11 18:26 Polygon Labs Announced Upcoming Updates for Products and Events Expected in Dece...
23-11-2023 10:59 23-11 10:59 City of Lugano integrates Polygon into its crypto payment system
22-11-2023 18:04 22-11 18:04 Mega Flip of 15M MATIC by Polygon Whale Sends Crypto Traders Searching For Arc B...
13-11-2023 20:28 13-11 20:28 Crypto Whales Fuel Polygon’s Drive Towards $1, Pouring $45M into MATIC on Coinba...
09-11-2023 14:08 09-11 14:08 Polygon Labs Commences $85M Grant Program to Draw Builders to Its Ecosystem
08-11-2023 17:22 08-11 17:22 Polygon Labs and NEAR announce ZK prover for WASM integration
29-10-2023 14:34 29-10 14:34 MATIC Analysis: What's Next for Polygon (MATIC) Investors? - COINTURK NEWS
Description Matic Network brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.
Development status On-going development
Hash algorithm None
Open source false
Org structure Centralized
Proof type Not mineable
Type token
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