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06-07-2022 16:09 06-07 16:09 THE CRYPTO CRASH OF 2022
03-07-2022 21:57 03-07 21:57 US Millennials Own More Crypto Than Mutual Funds: Survey
30-06-2022 13:09 30-06 13:09 Ray Dalio, Stan Druckenmiller And Paul Tudor Jones Already Own Bitcoin
30-06-2022 12:23 30-06 12:23 Music Streaming Company Napster To Launch Its Own Token On Algorand - Decrypt
27-06-2022 14:05 27-06 14:05 Catalonia Will Have Its Own Metaverse Known As "Cataverse"
23-06-2022 20:48 23-06 20:48 Decentralized Exchange DYdX To Build Its Own Blockchain
23-06-2022 17:34 23-06 17:34 Jake Paul Says Floyd Mayweather Is Broke After Claims He Lost All His Own Money ...
22-06-2022 20:11 22-06 20:11 dYdX Ditches Ethereum for Its Own Cosmos Blockchain
22-06-2022 13:59 22-06 13:59 Grifters Tried to Pass Off My Free Custom Email Service as Their Own NFT Project
08-06-2022 02:50 08-06 02:50 Monster Racing League - Skill-based Play and Earn! Playable Demo!
07-06-2022 19:47 07-06 19:47 Glassnode: Bitcoin Long-Term Holders Own 90% Of Supply In Profit
06-06-2022 09:38 06-06 09:38 Antsy Lithuania Latest to Anticipate EU Crypto Law With One of Its Own
29-05-2022 07:21 29-05 07:21 They Did Their Own ‘Research.’ Now What?
28-05-2022 21:32 28-05 21:32 The US Military Is Building Its Own Metaverse
24-05-2022 07:30 24-05 07:30 Federal Reserve Reveals 12% of U.S. Adults Own Crypto
23-05-2022 09:15 23-05 09:15 The Fed Is Pondering Its Own Crypto. Politics Are Standing in the Way.
20-05-2022 12:50 20-05 12:50 Bill Gates Does Not Own Crypto Because It Doesn't Have Product Value
20-05-2022 11:55 20-05 11:55 US Households Own Roughly 1/3 of Global Crypto Market - Goldman Sachs
19-05-2022 18:35 19-05 18:35 Bill Gates Explains Why He Doesn’t Own Any Cryptocurrency
18-05-2022 13:54 18-05 13:54 Why I Don't Own Bitcoin Anymore | Cole South
Description WeOwn Group (CHX) is developing tokenized investment technology that is designed to fractionalize investments and expedite the fundraising process by connecting businesses with investors directly. Its products and services run on a native blockchain that is designed for STOs. Own operates a DPoS BFT public blockchain based on the Tenderment Consensus protocol. Native CHX tokens can be stored on a bespoke digital wallet ( The company operates from a network of international hubs, including teams in Germany, Bosnia, Liechtenstein, and the UK. More details can be found at and
Development status Beta version
Hash algorithm PoS
Open source true
Org structure Centralized
Proof type Not mineable
Type token
Source code
Whitepaper -
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