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11-06-2024 10:02 11-06 10:02 Indiana vows outage-free energy for crypto miners, data centers
06-06-2024 10:58 06-06 10:58 Meta faces backlash in EU for AI data usage without user consent
04-06-2024 14:37 04-06 14:37 Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway did crash 99% ...against Bitcoin since ...
02-06-2024 16:44 02-06 16:44 Meta’s AI chief slams Elon Musk over hype, conspiracy theories
11-05-2024 15:15 11-05 15:15 Bitcoin volatility plunges below Tesla, Nvidia stocks amid $100K price predictio...
25-04-2024 17:00 25-04 17:00 Meta’s letting Xbox, Lenovo, and Asus build new Quest metaverse hardware
24-04-2024 23:30 24-04 23:30 Meta drops 15% on weak outlook and high AI and metaverse spending
19-04-2024 06:22 19-04 06:22 Mark Zuckerberg says Meta wearables that read brain signals are coming ‘soon’
18-04-2024 19:45 18-04 19:45 Meta launches ‘most capable openly available LLM to date’ rivalling GPT and Clau...
15-04-2024 16:40 15-04 16:40 Meta announces VR education metaverse for ages 13 and up
12-04-2024 16:25 12-04 16:25 Billionaire’s suit over scam crypto ads on Meta dismissed in Australia
12-04-2024 09:08 12-04 09:08 UK watchdog worries about tech giants’ AI market control
07-04-2024 15:37 07-04 15:37 Virtual reality steps up as metaverse struggles to deliver
06-04-2024 13:17 06-04 13:17 Dead metaverse? Public administration breathes new life into virtual tech
03-04-2024 17:24 03-04 17:24 Meta’s metaverse lab has lost $40B since Facebook changed its name in 2021
25-03-2024 17:10 25-03 17:10 Mark Zuckerberg embraces the Fediverse as Elon Musk’s social media empire shows ...
25-03-2024 11:29 25-03 11:29 EU launches probe into Apple, Google, Meta over violation of Digital Markets Act
07-03-2024 17:20 07-03 17:20 Majority of social media posts about the metaverse show positive sentiment
06-03-2024 19:22 06-03 19:22 Meta signals enterprise pivot for metaverse
05-03-2024 18:49 05-03 18:49 Facebook, Instagram go down on Super Tuesday, take Meta stock price with them
Description The Meta token aims to coordinate decentralised governance by incentivising stakeholders to act in the best interests of mStable. mStable unites stablecoins, lending and swapping into one standard.
Development status Beta version
Hash algorithm None
Open source false
Org structure Centralized
Proof type Not mineable
Type token
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