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05-12-2022 19:25 05-12 19:25 Vitalik Buterin discusses his 'excitement' for the future of Ethereum
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05-12-2022 13:05 05-12 13:05 Deep Dive into Layer- 1 Blockchains — Ethereum
04-12-2022 08:14 04-12 08:14 ‘Inaction is paralysis’: CFTC Chair Rostin Behnam calls for regulation in the wa...
04-12-2022 01:38 04-12 01:38 Let’s Dispel Some Misconceptions About Wrapped Bitcoin and Ethereum - Decrypt
04-12-2022 00:03 04-12 00:03 Russia’s Sber Bank Aims for Blockchain Integration With Ethereum and Metamask – ...
03-12-2022 21:48 03-12 21:48 What is's VERSE Token | CoinGecko
03-12-2022 20:35 03-12 20:35 Ethereum and Tether flow to exchanges while bitcoiners opt for self custody
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02-12-2022 22:57 02-12 22:57 Russian Banking Giant Sber Adds Ethereum And MetaMask Support
02-12-2022 20:37 02-12 20:37 Ethereum-Based Altcoin Tumbles As DeFi Project Gets Hacked for Millions - The Da...
02-12-2022 19:54 02-12 19:54 A Colder Crypto Winter? How the Latest Meltdown Affects Bitcoin And Ethereum Pri...
02-12-2022 11:28 02-12 11:28 Avalanche-Based DEX Trader Joe to Soon Deploy on Ethereum Scaling Solution Arbit...
01-12-2022 22:52 01-12 22:52 Coinbase Wallet Drops Support for XRP, Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Eth...
01-12-2022 20:32 01-12 20:32 CFTC Chair Leaves Ethereum Hanging, Says Only Bitcoin Is a Commodity: Report - T...
01-12-2022 18:26 01-12 18:26 CFTC Chair Changes His Mind About Ethereum Being a Commodity
01-12-2022 18:21 01-12 18:21 Apple’s New Coinbase NFT Shakedown Would Literally Tax Ethereum Trades And Trans...
01-12-2022 17:41 01-12 17:41 Chainlink to Introduce Staking on Ethereum on December 6, LINK Rallies in Respon...
Description Ethereum is a decentralized platform for applications. Applications build on it can use smart contracts - computer algorithms which execute themselves when data is supplied to the platform. There is no need for any human operators.
Development status Working product
Hash algorithm Ethash
Open source true
Org structure Semi-centralized
Proof type Ethereum consensus (currently proof of work, will be proof of stake later on)
Started at 2015-07-30T00:00:00Z
Type coin
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